Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Platinum Ponds

Founded in 2003, Platinum Ponds is an award-winning, professional pond construction business.  They are based in the city of Greer, South Carolina.  Greer, a suburb of Greenville, is conveniently located within one hour of Asheville, NC, Charlotte, NC, and Columbia, SC.  Their ideal location allows them to provide affordable pond construction, pond design consultations, and disappearing pondless waterfall installations.
Whether you're dreaming of a peaceful waterfall, koi pond or rushing fountain, Platinum Ponds can help you create the perfect water feature for your home or business.

Feel free to contact Richard at (864) 430-4700 or follow the link above for all your water garden needs.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best Time to Spray Cattails

Cattails can be a visually pleasing aspect of your aquatic landscape. They provide valuable cover for fish and other wildlife and help in the uptake of excess nutrients. However, they also can spread very rapidly and take over a pond. If this sounds familiar, don't panic. Control can be accomplished with the right tools and the proper timing.